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ONLINE ACCESS | PANTONE® VIEW COLOUR PLANNER | This membership grands you 12 months access to the Pantone ® View Colour planner trend. You will cover actual seasons on colour trend as well automatically access to the newest seasons posted over the 12 months of your membership. The ideal and practical colour forecast you can trust for everything from Fashion, to interiors, cosmetics, to home and all other industries working with colours. The Pantone® View Colour planner reports included in this membership are a proven tool, simple to use with proven results. This is what you get in each of the reports included in your membership. The key colours where we introduce each palette with four key colours, which form your merchandising base. Key + supplementary colours where we add two to four supplementary colours to the key colours to develop, transform and individualise the core. Harmony pages creating colour mixes and harmonies is one of the great strengths of the Pantone ®View Colour Planner. Product pages where we show you how product ranges can now be coloured up. Download of your prefer selection of pages and visual image used throughout the colour trend report by story chapter and end-use, plus our renowned film about the season concerned.


ONLINE ACCESS | the perfect match of selective and future-oriented analysis and the essence of the women´s & men´s catwalk trends of all the leading womenswear & menswear designer shows | This offer combines the next look women & men trend offer with the product & details driven Close Up offer. +++ Provides you a 12 months access to a selective analysis of the Designer Shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris, compiled according to future minded design criteria as well as all the Close up trend analyses for coats, jackets, dresses, trouser, blouses, knitwear, shoes, bags,…+++ The focus is on a complex appreciation of fashion. Colors, materials, surfaces, patterns, silhouettes and styling are covered but also all the other components which make up a fashionable Expression. +++ An offer which covers you of all trend relevant needs and brings the necessary inspiration to design and create your next women´s & men’s clothing and or accessories collection. +++ Bringing each season the market-driven trend and innovative themes including inspiration, in-depth color analyses, color combinations, material direction, styling, accessories, details and many inspirational and editable illustration. +++ A perfect offer for women´s & men’s fashion professionals which provides a selective and future-oriented analysis of all the leading womenswear & menswear designer shows from the international fashion capitals. +++ A must have offer each professional from the womens´s & men’s fashion industry needs to have an access! +++ Don’t miss out today what you need tomorrow.


ONLINE ACCESS | The ‘new’ VIEW REPORTS known as the ‘Bible of the Textile Industry’ | are built round four sections that work independently but also interlink to bring you the latest developments in product and design thinking that can enhance and enrich the way you work. Thinking not only about ‘design direction’ but also ‘product solution’. +++ The Future of Making/ Future View An in-depth look into innovative and forward-thinking ways of manufacturing, re-thinking business models from a brand’s perspective, problem solving for production, and converting the new-consumer focus on re-worked, upcycled, re-worn and sustainable making into up-to-date, desirable product.+++Classic Modern: Fabric Headlines Spotlight on innovations in the textile industry closely linked to our proposed design forecasts and design concepts again underlining relevant developments in responsible products. Womenswear and Menswear Focus points and in-depth information to inspire and give direction to designers and manufacturers for the season ahead, while also setting out important sustainable routings. We source from both an industrial and small quantity base.

Inspirational concepts, the core colours and mixes, suggested silhouettes and styling, trims & accessories, womenswear fabrics and knits, men’s suiting’s, jacketing’s and shirting’s. +++ Casual & Athleisure : Focus points and in-depth information for the casual, athleisure, sports and denim businesses also highlighting sustainable developments important to the industry. Fabric Headlines News about innovations in the casual and athleisure sectors closely linked to our design concepts again underlining relevant developments in responsible products. Casual, Denim, Sports & Athleisure for Women and Men inspirational concepts behind our proposals. The reason why! The core colours and mixes for that concept, suggested silhouettes and styling, core fabrics and trims.+++ Epilogue We close the report with a taste of what’s to come. Our subject matter can range from future design propositions to what’s next in consumer lifestyle.

TEXTILE REPORT (4 issues p.a.)

ONLINE ACCESS | TEXTILE REPORT | Extensive trend information for the whole women’s textile and fashion market.+++a condensed survey on trends and markets brining trend moods exclusively created for the respective reports.+++ Posted in the run-up to the fabric and yarn fairs, with special focus on young women's wear, street fashion, designer collections, trade fair reports, colour and styling trends including fabrics and print designs.+++ Special reports on Knitwear, cocktail & eveningwear. Seasonal reports on colour trends, print trends, fabric trends and product trends. Highlights on key items, key shapes and key details. +++

The ideal offer not to miss out on any women’s trend and perfect update for early collections designers.

PRINTS & MORE 50 duplicate


» monthly new designs uploads

» download up to 50 designs of your choice from the collection library

» all designs created as modular patterns

» all designs as editable PSD or Vector files

» cost per design less then € 13 !!!

» usable for any surface and products 

TEXTILE REPORT (4 issues p.a.) duplicate


» all new releases of the next 12 months 

» including access to the last 24 months archive

» download up to 5 complete PDF issues of your choice

» complete women color, styles, fabric, prints and key directions

» 18 months ahead of seasons reports